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An elite AAU basketball program in middle Tennessee 

#theBRIGADEway 🔴⚫️

The BRIGADE Basketball Club takes our players to the max! Think you’ve got what it takes? We’d love to meet you! Contact us to learn more about how you can become part of the #BRIGADEfamily.

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BRI·GADE definition:

•  A group of people organized for a specific purpose or task

•  Synonyms: team, unit, crew, force, squad

The BRIGADE Basketball Club is dedicated to providing an opportunity for all players in middle Tennessee to develop their basketball and life skills, including the value of teamwork, hard work, and commitment through involvement in a highly competitive AAU basketball program. Our coaching staff has extensive college and professional experience, and they instill in our young men a sense of discipline, integrity, and knowledge of the game. Our players strive to give their best effort and continually learn and improve.

"The BRIGADE Way" is a team culture built around five key signature statements, known as F.A.A.S.T.:

  1. Fun Times

  2. Attitude & Effort

  3. Attention to Detail

  4. Speed & Intensity

  5. Team First

The BRIGADE Basketball Club was founded in 2015 by Brent Goers, a USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach and former US Marine. The Club has continued to grow as more parents and players notice the BRIGADE difference. Our teams participate in local and regional tournaments against a high level of competition. Besides winning multiple championships each year, we are most proud of the preparation we offer our athletes to succeed at the next level. 

We pride ourselves on being a #BRIGADEfamily. If this is what you are looking for, we invite you to contact us and join the BRIGADE movement!

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Good luck to all BRIGADE teams in the 2023 season!


All interested players & coaches Contact Us.

**Rosters are final**



  Head Coach:  Brent Goers

  Asst Coach:  Johnny Cobb

  Asst Coach:  Joe Bellingeri

  Nickalai Anderson

  Peyton Applegate

  Landen Arndt

  Yeshiyah Cobb

  Camden Cole

  Drake Goers

  Hicks Hunter

  Adrian Sevieri

  Austin Slayton

  Abe Soucy

  Brodie Webb

  Josh Whitt

2027 Alpha


  Head Coach:  Tim Cole

  Asst Coach:  Anthony Candlish

  Connor Branch  

  Anderson Breiner

  Jac Candlish

  Gabe Cole

  Garren Herron

  Carter Sage

  Micah Sevieri

  Jackson Stearns

  Kenan Wilson

2027 Bravo


  Head Coach:  Anthony Candlish

  Asst Coach:  Tim Cole


  Carter Blair

  Owen Butler

  Kyran Glover

  Ethan Handa

  Joey Howell

  Hollis Jackson

  Andy Kersey

  Chase Prince

  Marley Toliver

  Hudson Victory



  Head Coach:  Rob Joyner

  Asst Coach:  Jon Holder

  Dillon Bass

  Maddox Holder

  Levi Joyner

  Jordan Spann

  Evan Thomas

  Brody Thompson

  Maddox Wood

  McCord York



  Head Coach:  Garrett Ramos

  Asst Coach:  Tim Cole

  Ayik Ayik  

  Jackson Bjornstad  

  Brantley Cole

  Zaiden Crick

  Luke Damerville

  Antwon Flakes

  Eli Maguire

  Grey Oakley

  Camden Reavis

  Reiter Yates

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